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for a deeper connection and true love?


of sacrificing yourself in your relationship?


if you’re with the right life partner?

Do any of these ring true for you?

  • I feel frustrated & discouraged about where my relationship is going.
  • I often wonder if my partner and I are on the same chapter, let alone the same page!
  • I’m losing my sense of self in this relationship and I feel disconnected from what’s important to me.
  • The thought of asking my partner for changes is overwhelming and I feel defeated just thinking about it.
  • This relationship is not working for me and I don’t think I can handle it much longer.

If your heart’s truest desire is to be in a loving and supportive relationship that gives you a sense of connection without having to compromise what’s most important to you, you’ve come to the right place! Working with women to help them have the healthy relationship they desire and deserve is my passion – and, through my relationship coaching services, I can support you in achieving that goal!

To quote an anonymous author:

“Falling in love is awfully simple. Falling out of love is simply awful.”

Most of us know what this feels like, and we each have a choice. When you’ve fallen out of love and the relationship is not working, you can choose to:

  • Stay in the relationship and try to work things out OR
  • Gracefully move out of a situation that no longer serves you.

This is not an easy decision and requires careful consideration. It’s important to remember that settling for mediocrity and denying yourself what you truly need is a disservice to both of you. It stops you from thriving in ALL areas of your life. It’s up to you to make a choice, and only YOU can choose to be true to your heart.

Maybe you feel confused about whether or not you’re with the right partner…or in conflict about whether or not you’re doing everything you can to improve the relationship. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to stay that way. You are worthy of a healthy relationship, and effective relationship coaching can guide and support you through the transition of where you are now to where you want to be.

Take a deep breath and imagine what it would feel like if you could:

Healthy Path to Love

  • Feel joyful every single day – first with yourself, then with your partner.
  • Be confident in your opinions, actions and decisions, knowing that you are living your one amazing life.
  • Ask for what you need in your relationship, knowing that you absolutely deserve it.
  • Act from a place of love and respect, leaving resentments and frustrations behind.

You deserve respect and so does your partner. Whether you decide to work on your relationship to re-establish a sense of love and authentic connection, or gracefully move out of it while still honoring the value of your partner and the relationship you once had, there IS a solution, and it IS accessible to you!

Here are the ABCs of moving away from confusion and struggle…and toward clarity and peace of mind.

A: Practice AWARENESS and get real about where your relationship is and where you want it to go.

B: Be BRAVE about identifying what’s not working and the changes that need to be made to get the results you desire (and deserve!).

C: Make a CONSCIOUS CHOICE about the action you’re going to take and stay committed to that plan with integrity and determination.

Catherine DietzEffective relationship changes require honesty, respect and clear communication. There are many steps to making this happen, and A Healthy Path to Love will help you find your way…to clarity, confidence and empowerment to ask for what you need…all from a place of love! For more information about my HEALTHY Path to Love program and relationship coaching services, please contact me at 858-945-6910 or at catherine@healthypathtolove.com.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Catherine Dietz